Harlow Aerostructures LLC, located in Wichita, Kansas, has been supplying to the aerospace industry since 1954.


With a wide range of aerospace manufacturing capabilities, we produce components from large bulkheads, spars, chords, stringers, to small bushings, bolts, pins and bearings. We have gained a reputation of being specialists in the development of prototypes, through close integration with our customers in an extremely short lead-time environment. We have developed prototypes for several aircraft throttle quadrants and monolithic structural components.


With experience in product development as well as machining, we have been able to expand as a primary core competency, our ability to fabricate Complex Assemblies. Our assembly capabilities include the manufacture of highly complex Electro-Mechanical Throttle Quadrants, which are functionally tested and preset in-house, ready for installation on the assembly line. We also manufacture complex Sheet Metal & Structural Component Assemblies including Kitting services. We strive to provide a high level of aerospace manufacturing integration for our customers.


Harlow is able to provide its customers with excellent quality, on-time deliveries with highly competitive pricing. We believe these elements are a result of our commitment to continuous improvement in everything we do, including being a supplier who is responsive, flexible and fair, providing the best overall value for our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create value through excellence in integration capabilities, people, quality and process innovation.

Additional Manufacturing Information:


High Speed CNC 5-Axis
Multi-Pallet Cell 4-Axis Milling
Lathe Machining
Thread Rolling
OD Centerless & ID Grinding
Hydro & Brake Presses
OKK KCV 1000
2 MAZAK 2001l/200ll
Chemical Processing
Prime & Paint
Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Inspection (NDI & NDT)
FAA Repair Station
but we do much more than that!

What's New

April, 2012Harlow has purchased a (2) machine (12) pallet Makino Cell for future high speed machining growth to be installed in April 2012

March, 2012Harlow has just completed the design and development of the HURKUS Power Control Throttle Quadrant for TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries).

August, 2011 Harlow Aerostructures has purchased a Makino MAG 1 to add to our capabilities in High Speed Machining

June, 2011 Harlow participates with the City of Wichita at the Paris Air Show Harlow signs 480k contract with customer at the show

May, 2011 Continuing our support of engineering and electrical mechanical engineering, Harlow agrees to sponsor Iowa State Solar Car Team “programming and machining of body molds” Students from the solar car team met in Wichita and were introduced to N/C programming and machining of their design.

February, 2011 Harlow teams with local company on electrical mechanical concept design.

January, 2011 Harlow starts new (FADEC) design throttle quadrant

October, 2010 Harlow completes PDR approval for throttle design for International customer

10/01/2010 "Harlow Aerostructures has invested in Rapid Prototyping to increase Engineering's ability in both designing and manufacturing. True to life parts that accurately represent the end product enabling Engineering to make crucial decisions during the development cycle saving both time and money"

06/07/2010 "Gulfstream recognizes Harlow Aerostructures for quality and delivery performance."

02/08/10 Harlow sponsored the machining of the molds for the Iowa State University Solar car.

01/08/09 Delivery of second Mazak high speed extrusion mill.

11/05/08 Delivery of Hot Joggle Machine

12/01/08 Completed reorganizing of (3) axis vertical machining cell

10/01/08 Installed OKK 1000 (5) axis machining center

05/08/08 Delivery of Mazak high speed extrusion mill.

02/01/08 - Added OKUMA Space Turn LB300-MYM (Mill Turn Machine)

12/15/07 –Delivered Prototype VLJ Throttle.

06/01/07 - Added OKK (5) axis machining center, OKK (5) axis 10000 rpm, Table Size= X 150.0 Y=40.00

04/15/07 –Awarded Design Contract for VLJ Throttle.

03/01/07 - Added Henri Line' (5) axis machining center, Henry Line' (5) axis 24000 rpm, Table Size: X=240.0 Y=120.0

12/01/06 - Added Handtmann (5) axis machining center, Handtmann (5) axis 24000 rpm, Table Size: X=180.0 Y=120.00

December, 2005 - New Makino Cell - (2) machine 4-Axis, 15,000 RPM, (13) pallet platform cell with a 60" inch machine cube envelope. Operational status: 1 st Qtr. 2006


December, 2004 - Harlow installing it's second High Speed machining cell. This new cell is an A77 Makino with 18,000 RPM on a (6) pallet platform. Operational status; online January 2005

October, 2004 - Harlow receives Prime and Paint approval from Raytheon Aircraft Company.

October, 2004 - Harlow has just completed and delivered its first Tee Column Assembly to Raytheon Aircraft for its Premier 1 aircraft.

October, 2004 - Harlow has just completed and delivered its first Pedestal Assembly to Raytheon Aircraft for its Premier 1 aircraft.