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Thursday, 18 January 2018 06:14

Harlow adds MAG I to already existing 3 machine cells

Harlow adds another MAG I to already existing (3) machine cell, making the cell (4) machines running 24 Supplier shall maintain a quality system that meets or exceeds ISO 9001, (AS/EN/JISQ) 9100 or (AS/EN/JISQ) 9120. Supplier’s quality system is subject to review and approval by Harlow’s Quality Assurance, Harlow’s Customers, and/or Regulatory Authorities which has oversight authority over Harlow or Harlow’s Customers.


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Harlow Aerostructures LLC, located in Wichita, Kansas, has been supplying to the aerospace industry since 1954. We produce components from large bulkheads, spars, chords, stringers, to small bushings, bolts, pins and bearings.

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